Draw a Bird Day

Thank you, Create Art Everydayfor brining Draw a Bird Day to my attention today! What a fun little challenge to draw a bird. I put the timer on for 20 minutes and sketched away with a Robin for my inspiration.

Draw a Bird Day
Charcoal (on coffee stained paper)
Size 9 x 12


Use what talents you have;
the woods would have little music if no birds sang their song
except those who sang best. – Oliver G. Wilson


6 thoughts on “Draw a Bird Day

      1. Oh I am so Sorry!! I had to go back and look, and I totally see it being a bluebird. I don’t know why my mind was determined to think it was a robin 🙂 Strange how our brain sees something and says it is something that it may not be.

      2. No worries at all! They do look similar in shape, I think. They’re both big and chubby. Which makes them cute! hehe I’m glad you drew the robins, they are adorable.

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