Wood Violets

A sprinkle of snow covers parts of the lawn, but wait it’s not snow… the white violets have poked through the ground! A little bouquet was piked, placed on my studio desk, a paper and pen were found, and I began to sketch. They are such a lovely little flower, but white flowers can get a little tricky to draw with pen. Once the ink was down, I had to commit. This was going to be another pen illustration to add to my collection, but somehow this one couldn’t survive without a little color.

Wood Violets
Pen & Watercolor
Size 5.5 x 7


Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.
— Arthur Ashe


11 thoughts on “Wood Violets

  1. What a terrific quote, and I just love the way you captured the white in your medium, and yet, brought in just a bit of purple. Really lovely, and I so enjoyed this.

    Question: Is this the very fine (.005) Micron that you used? I love those pens!!

    1. Thank you, and yes, for this one I did use the very fine pen. I normally don’t use such a fine tip, but this one really needed it. I typically like working with micron pen numbers 1 – 3 depending on what the subject is.

      1. I just got a six-pack and “swatched them out” but I haven’t really used anything but the fine tip. I plan to, though. I’m liking ink more and more (never thought I’d say that.)

      2. Awesome! Pen is really a fun tool to work with! And you can typically create something quickly depending on which method you use. Stippling takes for.ever. But simple hatching can go rather fast. I look forward to seeing what you create with your pens!

      3. I’m having a hard time with its unforgiving nature, but I did a grosbeak the other day in it, and will probably post it this week. I was actually happiest with that sketch out of all four that I did yesterday, each in a different medium. That was a nice surprise.

      4. Yes, pens can be so unforgiving! Some things I have learned…
        Start light.
        The kneaded rubber eraser is your friend. It won’t get rid of all your lines, but it can lighten them enough to make it workable.
        A mistake can make you think outside the box in how to fix it to make it work.
        Also, don’t ever throw away something you don’t like. Put it away. One day you might pull it out and love it or if you still hate it, it can be a perfect example of how far you have come 🙂

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