Lavender Mistakes

Can you feel the high? You’re just about finished, and then… Oh no! You feel your stomach flip as the unexpected happens. Goodness. If only there could be a command + z away from the computer…

Working with Mistakes…
What do you do when mistakes splash their way across your paper (or life)? Give up? Tear up your paper? (Yes, regrettably I’ve done that a time or two.) Or do you try and make that mistake work? Today, as I was adding some final touches with pen on this lavender painting the pen decided to stop working and then… BURST! Ink was everywhere! Big and small blotches all over my art. Stained. Forever. With the paralyzing shock turning into disappointment, I began to feel my eyes well up with sad tears. But. A sparkle of hope shot off in my mind as I realized this unwanted splash just might work out. Who knows, you just might find ink “mistakes” over some of my future projects…

Watercolor & Pen
Size: 11″ x 15″


Mistakes are the portals of discovery.
— James Joyce


18 thoughts on “Lavender Mistakes

  1. OMG love! Wow, yay for exploding pens!! This is wonderful, BB, I love it! Do you love it? I don’t believe in accidents, do you? This was meant to be, my friend! Was this a dip pen or an ink pen like a micron that exploded tho, I am curious. But this is absolutely wonderful. I love all of your stages, but I do agree that adding the pen really kicked this one up a notch. The WC was beautiful alone but the pen – and the splatter (!!!) makes it. What do you think? Oh but I totally understand your initial reaction too! 💛💛💛

    1. Thank you so much, Laura! I hated that my pen exploded, but love the what it did to the piece. It completed it and made it ever more unique. The picture really didn’t pull out all the depth of the color as in real life, and the more I look at it… the more I do like. Oh, it was a micron pen. First time that ever happened to me. And crazy me saved the pen so I could have it explode on future art… ha! 🙂

    1. Oh yes, there have been so many times in creations that I erase the first sketch only to wish I wouldn’t have done that. Thanks so much your sweet words and for sharing your own experience!

  2. HECK YEAH!!! Love the results!
    That’s what I call a happy mistake.
    I too on a number of occasions have had to just throw the piece away, but not before giving it a good look and asking myself it was possible to trudge forward.
    More often than not though, I think that I’ve had to learn to work through most mistakes and much like yours they often turn out better than intended.

    1. Oh goodness! Thank you so much Leslie! I love your term for them… “happy mistakes”. I’m going to steal that term 🙂
      Yes, mistakes can be such a drag, but then when they work out it is thrilling. It’s like discovering a new world of art that you could have missed out on if the “mess-up” didn’t happen. 🙂

  3. Perfect, what you considered a mistake turned out to add a bit of magic to your drawing. This is a fabulous piece of art – yes the ink (while not intended) brought a whole different perspective to this piece. Wonderful!

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