Drawing in Books

While reading a rather dull book (or so I first thought), I found an essential requirement to draw as inspiration spoke to me. Never before has a book become more intriguing! There is a rush of excitement that washes through my veins as I discover these new creatures that beg me to bring them to life on the page. And now, I wonder if I will ever finish reading the book if I keep stopping to draw…

Have you ever found the demanding need to draw (or write) in the books you read?


As knowledge increases, wonder deepens.
— Charles Morgan

Just a little reminder… Tomorrow begins DAY 1 of the leaf drawing challenge.
See you next week!


30 thoughts on “Drawing in Books

    1. Thank you, and I know what you mean! This is the very first book I actually felt the desire/need to draw in. And since I am positively sure I will not reread this book again, I figured I should follow where the inspiration struck and draw away happily (and without guilt). The book is now a special treasure 🙂

  1. There is something unique about this combination but I cheat and do a copy of music sheets and then collage over them. Yet it is not the same as the effect you get from an aged book page, these are stunning.

    1. Oh yes, I love the look of aged paper! It is so very inspiring… and it is also fun to create your own paper with your own flare of aged paper. Have you ever thought of using damp coffee grounds to age your art creations?

  2. I never have, but now I’ve seen yours, I think I will! What a cool idea. I’ve always felt the same as you and Teresa, but there’s some real inspiration here. I did buy a book recently just to collage with, so I’ll go attack that one (it’s a book I’d never read). Woot! 😀

    Looking forward to the leaf challenge!

    1. Oh yes, I highly was debating if I wanted to draw in this book… but it helped make the book become a treasure. I started looking forward to reading it once I committed to drawing in it. Now I look forward to picking the book up just for the possibility to discover something new or old to draw… 🙂 Will you post your “drawings in a book” creations?

      1. Yes, I drew what was mentioned on the page. Most of the things I never heard of before, and so I looked them up. These drawings are for research purpose I decided and to keep drawing new things!
        Ooh, that is okay to paint the same leaf twice. You will see a lot of the same leaves in my paintings when I post next week 🙂 Looking forward to checking it out!

  3. LOVE IT! Love your creative little creatures!
    I sometimes buy old books just to draw in! I also save odd scraps of paper to draw on like paper bags, junk mail, cardboards, the little paper in an Altoids tin . . . . any papers that just scream to be drawn on.

  4. Love the quote, it´s wonderful!!! And love your thoughts about drawing books… I sometimes read such beautiful descriptions in books that I think: what a nice painting this would be. I painted once after a description in Homo Faber by Max Frisch – but it was rather disappointing. I couldn´t capture the beauty of the words…

    1. Thank you, Ann! I love how the book came alive after I started drawing in it. The author would talk about these things under the sea that I never knew about (of course some of the things were fiction), but in general I got to feel like I was discovering a new world. I reached each of the things I drew so I could better understand what they looked like…

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