September 22-28

Dream. Live. Inspire.

Who doesn’t love to be inspired by others?! On a quiet, lazy Sunday afternoon, a message came through from one of my dearest friends. In the message was a link to a video… a video that talked about an amazing passion to “Live Your Legend”. Being a highly emotional individual, I was moved to tears. How absolutely encouraging my heart became, because I am privileged to already be doing the work I love and cannot NOT do. Creating. Using and developing my gift of art every single day. So, are you living your legend?

I don’t believe we are ever too young or old to be chasing after the dreams and goals we find our minds thinking about day after day. What inspires you? Who inspires you? Are you surrounded by people that will encourage you to keep going after the things that matter to you?

“There is no bigger life hack in the history of the world from getting
where you are today to where you want to be, then the people you
choose to put in your corner. They change everything.”
— Scott Dinsmore

Goodness. This year, I have never felt such a spark of life by being surround by the friends in my corner. These friendships really do change perspectives. To be surrounded by other people who have high passions is truly a lovely gift. The connection of being understand by another soul a delicious blessing. And the moments when inspiration fires off with sweet intense energy are outstandingly beautiful. Kind words that build others up are are a true treasure and can mean more to one then you may ever know. This year, I have been remarkably touched by the amazing encouragement from the friends present here and by each of you online friends. I am continually being inspired. Thank you. Until next week…

Don’t stop chasing your dream.
Don’t forget to pull away from online and live.
Don’t fail to know you can inspire others.
We each have more power to influence others than we realize.


2015 Autumn Leaves Challenge – Week 2
Watercolor, Pencil, Ink, Coffee
Size 4 x 4 


What is the work you can’t not do? Discover it. Live it.
Not just for you but for everybody around you.
Because that is what starts to change the world.
—Scott Dinsmore

Thank you reader friends for your week-by-week encouraging words. I know I would greatly lack in sharing my art creations without your continual support. You keep me motivated to share.

Thank you for being in my corner.


22 thoughts on “September 22-28

  1. Woo, what an amazing quote and LOVE your leaves, BB! Wow, I need to get some coffee brewing for background for my leaf paintings! (I don’t drink it, but who cares lol) Beautiful. I think my favorite is the red maple in the upper left. Do you have a favorite?

    1. Thank you, Laura! I friend shared with me a link to about “Live Your Legend”. Been highly inspired by reading the life of Scott Dinsmore.
      Definitely go make some coffee to stain your paper! You won’t regret playing with coffee, and your home will smell AMAZING! I get tired of my plain backgrounds, and coffee stain has been the perfect solution.
      Oh my, that maple leaf is my favorite too! I picked it up in IL while visiting a friend last week. Their Fall color was further along then ours.

    1. Thank you, Teresa! I had a lot of positive feedback the gingko leaves last year too, so this year I am trying to at least paint one a week. Oh and coffee. My goodness. It is my new favorite toy in my art studio! I make a fresh pot every day, so I don’t think I will ever lack for coffee to play with.

  2. Sorry BB, my first comment went astray, only the second went through. My first was about how much I liked your inspirational post and how I also feel very grateful to my blogging friends and find their support so valuable in my artistic endeavours. Karen

    1. Love hearing this! Thank you. Art and idea days are some of the best days in my week. Even better are the days when you can inspire and create beautiful memories with others. Happy creating!

  3. Than YOU, BB!! You inspire me, you’re positive attitude, outstanding artwork and the uplifting words always make me smile and want to create!
    Your leaves are stunners as usual.
    (I’ve got a few to post also but have been experiencing some technical issues)
    Have a happy Sunday.

    1. Happy Monday! I am thrilled to inspire and give you smile, Leslie! Technical issues are never fun… I hope you were able to get those leaves posted. I had checked by Friday, and only saw your first four leaves. I am SO looking forward to what you have been creating since.

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