Sept 29 – Oct 5


Can you hear it? The sounds of Autumn dancing in the breeze.
Can you feel it? The warmth from the oven greeting the corners of your home.
Can you smell it? The drifting aroma of…  Sweet. Warm. Welcoming.
The timer shows there are still 10 minutes to go…
I sit in front of the oven on my little blue stool, and watch with wonder through the little oven door window. Waiting. Dreaming. Tasting.
The timer goes off, my mom bustles into the kitchen, shoos me aside, and opens the oven wide. A delightful coziness sweeps from the oven and tickles me with giggles. I attentively gaze at my mom as she picks up the colorful, handmade potholders, reaches into the oven and pulls out the first pan. Then pan after pan she completes her task when all five of them are sitting on the cooling rack. I sigh with anticipation and roll my eyes, as she puts a timer on… again. Mom begins to walk away, but then turns around with a mischievous smile that dances to her eyes. We both are thinking the very same thing! We can’t wait a few more moments until it is cooled a little bit. So, once again mom takes the potholder, picks up a pan, and turns it upside down. It slides gracefully from the pan, and she catches it with her other hand. She sets it on the cutting board. Pulls out the a serrated knife, and begins to cut two slices. One for her, and one for me.
Can you see it? The steam is floating up.
Mom pulls out two plates, a table knife, and opens the lid to the butter. She picks up a slice, and coats it with a slather of butter. The butter instantly melts, and now…
Can you taste it? The moment you close your mouth for a deliciously large bite of the hot, buttery, homemade bread.

2015 Autumn Leaves Challenge – Week 3
Watercolor, Pencil, Ink, Coffee
Size 4 x 4 


The kitchen is the heart of every home, for the most part.
It evokes memories of your family history. —
Debi Mazar

Such a sweet thing, the reminiscing of childhood memories! Growing up when the cooler days of Fall came around, my mom did tons of baking. Homemade whole wheat bread was her speciality. The aroma of sweet yeast, honey, and freshly ground flour was a weekly smell in our home. Somehow family and friends seemed to just appear more often on those bread making days. But that is why she made so much… to share. To give. To bring a smile to each of our bellies.

What childhood memory has you reminiscing on today?


20 thoughts on “Sept 29 – Oct 5

  1. Mmmm! I bake bread pretty much every week (the no-knead artisan bread is awesome…easy and tastes like it’s from a professional bakery).

    I’m not reminiscing on anything right now, but I am loving your gorgeous leaves! 🙂

  2. Enjoyed your memories of your mom baking bread! There is nothing like homemade bread – the smell, the taste! My mom did some bread baking but mostly using a bread machine – remember those? Your painted leaves are wonderful! I like how you painted some of them off the edges of your paper. They looks so REAL! 🙂

    1. Thank you, Jill! Why stay inside the limits of the page, right?! Loving the colors of Fall.
      How delightful! My mom had a rule growing up… We had to learn how to do everything by hand and by scratch before we could use a machine. I was in my early 20s before I ever used a bread machine or kitchen aid. And when I do any baking today, I somehow forget about those machines stuffed in a corned 🙂

  3. Loved your description of the bread, you made me want to bake. I do bake my own bread at times, it goes in phases were I will make bread for a couple of months (usually in winter), then I will get caught up cooking something else. I like cooking things that take awhile to cook on the weekend, when you have time to leisurely potter in the kitchen. Karen

  4. Your memory is beautiful, warm, and filled with love. The imagery is delicious, “warmth from the oven greeting the corners of your home”, and every word is savored. Thank you for sharing your memory which in turn stirred up my own memories of home made bread and melting butter on torn off pieces to hot too be eaten. And what a sweet finish, your beautifully painted leaves as they dance across the paper. Love all of this, thank you so much for sharing.

    1. Thank you! Words are such a lovely tool to use as we reach back to our memories. Warmth and bread are lovely places to reach back to happy moments. Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to read and comment!

  5. Beautiful leaf drawings! Last year I got to see paintings by Georgia O’Keefe on exhibit nearby. She had some wonderful large painting of single leaves that were just stunning. Are you familiar with them? I’d think you would love checking them out.
    As always, I remain in awe of, and inspired by, your drawings.

    1. Aw, thank you so much, Paula!
      I have not looked at Georgia O’Keefe’s leaf paintings, but I definitely look forward to taking a peek. I mostly have been familiar with her flower paintings. Thank you for the recommendation!

  6. Such wonderful memories!! You brought me right into your mom’s kitchen to join you both, thanks!!
    When I was very young my mother would make most of my school clothes. She would always allow my participation in the fabric and color choices. I remember watching so impressed as she worked her magic at her old Singer.
    BB- your leaves are really looking so beautiful and the colors more fall-like. I like how several of them go out-of-frame giving them that edgie look.

    1. Oh what a sweet memory of your mom! I’m so glad you shared a memory of your mom.
      Thank you so much, Leslie. Yes, Fall is truly finally here. I love driving the country roads and seeing the blazing orange, yellow, and red trees. It truly is outstandingly gorgeous. I love Autumn so much! (Also am having a lot of fun playing with the use of the square paper… The ones going off the edge are becoming my favorites!)

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