Supporting Your Creative People

On the tables in my studio or already in the mail…

His eyes crinkle as a twinkle begins to glow, and he excitedly asks… “What’s new in the studio?!?” The question. They way he asked. My heart swells with joy. I love getting asked this or something similar to this question. Nothing like boosting this artist up 10,000 feet! Being surrounded by support is needed. Craved. It keeps us going… especially when we start feeling discouraged in our art journey.

You can do anything as long as you have
the passion, the drive, the focus, and the support.
—Sabrina Bryan

Friends and family of creative people:
We need your support! (Yes, whether we ask for it or not.) So, maybe you’re unsure how to show support… Maybe you’re a new friend, or maybe art hasn’t ever been very important to you. But you want to support us. Ask us how! We will tell you.

You seriously do not have to love everything we do. We don’t even like everything we do! If you don’t love it, tell us why. And please tell us what speaks to you from the pieces you do love. Note: We know when you’re bluffing. We see it in your eyes…

Some ways you can bring encouragement:
Ask us. What inspired you this week?

Listen to us. Listen to what we have been working on. Later ask about the piece.

Actions: We might post our work on social media. Like it! Comment or share it. (Really, each like or comment gets us excited!)

Ask us. Have you taken time this week to create just for the pure joy of it? If not, encourage us to block off a couple hours for our personal enrichment. Sometimes we forget to create for ourselves.

Notice: Hey, its been awhile since I saw an update on such and such a piece. How’s it going? Sometimes we never finish a piece because we got too excited to start the next one. We will appreciate you noticing. (And you might be the reason we go back to working on that piece.)

Actions Speak. Example: Your creative person loves drawing nature. They have little collections of their findings throughout their home/studio. Next time you find something strangely perfect/imperfect… be it a leaf, a feather, a flower, a bud, a dead bug… pick it up. Gift it to them! They will find extreme interest in it, AND in you for thinking of them! (Who knows… you might receive a creation of the object as a thank you.)

Express. Tell us what you like about our creation. (You’ll make our day!)

Express. Tell us what you don’t like about our creation. But please speak kindly. (Okay, so criticism isn’t always welcomed by every artist. I am still learning to accept it. But how I do like to receive it… sandwiched between uplifting feedback. ) Your comments help us grow to become a better artist.

Actions: Go with (or take) us somewhere that brings us inspiration. Explore with us. Make memories with us. (We create from what touches our hearts.)

Notice and Ask. You haven’t seen some art from us in awhile. Ask if we have some secret projects underway.

This article… 10 Things to keep in Mind when Loving a Highly Creative Person … so true!

Fellow artists:
Are you surrounded with enough support? Do you ever desire more? How do you like others to show their support for your life as an artist? Anything you would add to the above list of encouragement?

What great thing would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?
—Robert H. Schuller

To my friends and family:
Thank you for your support of my career as an artist/designer! Your actions, questions, listening ears continually encourage me. Each one of your ways of supporting me… Such a blessing!



11 thoughts on “Supporting Your Creative People

  1. I would like some more support for my artistic hobbies, because doing all the household, shopping, cooking, ironing etc. takes so much time and doesn’t really leave much time to paint, photograph or doing jewellery.

    1. Oh yes, to be supported to take the time for hobbies is a craving. We can get lost in the busy of life and forget the small pleasures. I believe in having time to do the things we love, so we are refreshed to jump back at those daily tasks with a happy perspective. I hope you’ll be able to express and get the support to take some time to create for yourself! 🙂

      1. you are completely right, when I have been creative I feel like having made some sort of meditation. It is a really fulfilling feeling, that you might know, too. 🙂

  2. Thank you for this wonderful post that I will now share with my husband! 😀 Love your work, always! I do taxes for a living and so I have no time to be here right now lol…..but had to pop in and thank you for this wonderful truth. We all need support. ❤ Beautiful paintings, BB. It's hard sometimes for a baby artist like me to think that an actual, real professional artist like you may also need encouragement. It's so obvious to us how lovely your work is, but I do feel ya……hehe. Nice to get that pat on the back.

    1. Thank you for popping by and commenting during your busy time! Oh the pressure and high focus of tax season… it will soon ease up, and you’ll find the time to create again!

      You’re so highly kind in your compliments. Thank you!
      Believe that expressing our needs are hard sometimes, and when someone else puts that into words it can help boost us! 🙂 Happy you’ve been encouraged!

  3. Well said! Isn’t it interesting how a “like” can make our day or a simple question can spark our enthusiasm? I think it is, in large, part because experiencing the world through art is at the core of who we are. Validation of that feels very gratifying.

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