Butterfly Wings

How quickly the time slips away, and you realize it has been three months since a last post! Yikes! Yes, it really is high time.

Art… art… happening at every available empty surface. Even the kitchen island was set up for a couple months as an art station. That stopped as soon as I had a near art nightmare with one of my Kombucha bottles exploding on counter across from the island. Can you image working hours upon hours on your art only to have it destroyed by exploding Kombucha?!! So I saved myself months of tears, and moved my art back to the studio.

Soon enough I will share the art that has covered my work stations… but for now here is a look at what greeted my waking hours each day for the past week. I have found that drawing for 15 minutes to an hour each morning for enjoyment is food for the artist’s soul. This is the time that there are no pressures or demands laid down for the art creations… A time to not worry about life, and to be lost until the need for coffee begins to creep in.

Butterfly Wings
Pen Illustration
Printable Size, US Letter (8.5″ x 11″)
Purchase This Coloring Page


Since we cannot change reality,
let us change the eyes which see reality.
— Nikos Kazantzakis

Happy creating!


5 thoughts on “Butterfly Wings

  1. Nice to see you back and the work you have been creating. Hope you are settling in to your new location. Had to look up kombucha, wasn’t sure what it was that could explode, but understand now. I need to start the drawing routine, with my move I have gotten out of the routine. Karen

    1. Oh yes, moves really can disturb with one’s routine! Hope you can settle into a routine soon.
      Ah yes, the building carbonation in kombucha caused two explosions. Definitely terrifying when it happened in the middle of the night.
      Hope to find a routine for posting more steady. Happy Creating! -BB

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