Beginning of 2017 Calendar

And so the process finally began… the creating phase for a 2017 calendar. This is the third year that my artist aunt and I have been collaborating together on calendar creations. (She does six drawings. I do six drawings.) The first year we did a desk top calendar of produce in color (watercolor & colored pencil). The second year we did a calendar pad of flowers in black and white (ink). And this year, we are doing another desk top calendar of produce in black and white. Below are the first three drawings in the works.

Pen Illustration–Fun with hatching
(Creating from imagination)


Pen Illustration–More fun with hatching
(This character did live modeling for me)


Pen Illustration–Fun with stippling, scribbling, and hatching
(And I wonder, this is going to take sometime… what have I gotten myself into with all these dots…Cauliflower creation done from a previous study and imagination-Broccoli live modeled for me)


My heart wants roots. My mind wants wings.
I cannot bear their bickerings.

Recently, I had very special visitors over. During their visit, I think I surprised one by how much produce creations I have scattered throughout my studio. Is it safe to say there are maybe 100? She didn’t so much ask, but I could see the puzzled look in her eyes by my choice of subjects. Why so much produce art. There is so much other things to draw. Maybe I just imagined the look and her thoughts. But it made me think about why I am so intrigued with drawing produce.

Produce is beautiful.

Why the fascination with produce? My parents own a produce farm. If you could see their beautiful farm, you would understand why I am so drawn to drawing produce. The gardens, how the produce grows, the colors, the shapes, the layouts, the filled containers spread out after harvest day… there is just this endless flow of inspiration. (My friend made a comment while touring the farm… now I understand.)

Aren’t you tired of drawing produce yet? I don’t think I ever could be. Every time see or am shown something I have already drawn, I see something  a little different. I feel the urge to draw it again. It’s not that I don’t want to draw other things, because I do… produce just wins the pull.When I draw the produce, I get to pause and really study the shape, how it overlaps, the colors, the lights/darks… then I take all that information my brain soaked up and give it a little artistic flair.

Produce is part of most everyones’s everyday life, and I think that it becomes easily overlooked. At least, when I am starving and in a hurry to make meals, I forgot to really see the produce I am preparing. I want to inspire others to see produce through different eyes. To think about its beauty while they are feeding their cells all that healthy happiness.

Until next time…


7 thoughts on “Beginning of 2017 Calendar

    1. Oh thank you! I really was enjoying drawing the cauliflower from imagination. The broccoli I had sitting out while I drew, and it was making my studio a little stinky. It had to go back in the fridge. ❤

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