A Year To Grow

The countdown has begun, and my new sketchbook is ready to begin a new drawing challenge! I’m excited to make 2021 a year to continue to see growth in my drawing skills. I know in order to see growth, I have to be wiling to put in the work. The same goes for you, if you want to see growth in your skills, you have to be willing to put in the work. Work is not always fun, but it is in our mindset to make it fun or to make it feel like work.

The drawing challenge: A YEAR TO GROW
–Begins on January 1.
–One year to dedicate 365 sketches towards growth.

Committing to a whole year sounds so scary, right?! Knowing that year long drawing challenges often leave me feeling overwhelmed, intimidated, and wondering what to draw next, I knew I had to create something that I personally could manage. Also I knew this challenge had to be simple enough that I could continue to work on other art projects and challenges without a year long challenge feeling like it was taking over.

About the challenge:
–Use drawing prompt list.
–Create one sketch a day.
–Spend one to five minutes each day.
–Repeat the words on the drawing prompt list for all twelve months.

Like with any challenges, it is far more fun to have others joining in. Others to encourage us along the way when we are feeling discouraged, overwhelmed, and just needing that push to go get that sketch in for the day. So …

I invite you to join me!

If you are interested, I’ve created a digital guide to help you prepare and walk through this challenge with me. Learn more about the challenge, and to get the free guide by following the link below.

Let’s do something beautiful this coming new year. Let’s grow together! The goal is simple to sketch each day. The goal is NOT to have perfect art.

P.S. This challenge is for anyone. The beginner. The seasoned artist. Whatever your skill level, we always have room to keep growing.


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