Finding Joy in Ink

Hello Friend,

The last couple months of creative time have come in a different form. My creative time has me curled up on the couch, a computer on my lap and a sketchbook with TONS of notes sitting next to me. My computer screen dazzles my eyes with joy as I watch lesson plans coming to life. The lessons are beautiful. Inspiring. The beginnings for an inky journey. Yes, these lessons are for you, the creative person desiring to learn ink, and for the ink artist who might just need a little inspiration.

On Tuesday, October 1, my first INKING BASICS guide + workbook will be available! The workbook includes three lessons designed for you to learn in the comfort of your home while learning at your own pace. Happiness, you do not need to be living in Wisconsin to have an art lesson with me! The workbook also includes a guide on my favorite inking tools. You will also have access to my new facebook group where you will be able to ask questions, share progress, find encouragement, and be inspired as you journey along with the beautiful medium of ink.

To see a complete breakdown of the lesson plans, sign-up for my newsletter.

Looking forward to bringing you inspiration,

Bretta Butterfly


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