A Year To Grow

The countdown has begun, and my new sketchbook is ready to begin a new drawing challenge! I'm excited to make 2021 a year to continue to see growth in my drawing skills. I know in order to see growth, I have to be wiling to put in the work. The same goes for you, if... Continue Reading →

Hello Prints!

For the first time, I'm offering fine art prints! It took me a while to get to this place to offer prints. Honestly, it scared me. I wasn't sure if others would respond even though the audience was asking for them. I also wasn't sure how they would really turn out. And my goodness, they... Continue Reading →

Tiny Originals

I'm so excited about the first ornament collection that I've created. These ornaments have been inspired by my Fungi Forest Series as well as inspired by discovering + connecting with nature. I've been so thankful for times in nature especially this year. A place that brings me such refreshment and peace. A place to go... Continue Reading →

Sketching for Growth

The more you sketch, the more you see. The more you see, the more you will grow. What does one need to sketch? Pencil + Paper (or pen) My favorite pencil to use is a standard #2 HB pencil.Not sure what type of paper to use, printer paper works excellent. You don't need to get fancy, anything is fair... Continue Reading →

Scanning Your Art

You are ready. You've been traditionally drawing for awhile, and are ready to go to the next step. You are ready to turn your art into creative printed products. But first, you have to scan your drawing. Where do you begin? Where are places to go or what scanner should you buy? So many thoughts... Continue Reading →

Fungi Forest Series

Inspired by adventures, time in nature, and memories of childhood finding hidden bugs in artwork. “In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.” – JOHN MUIR Shop Originals There is such excitement to be finished with this year's #fungiforest series. I created 36 originals, but only 34 made it into the release this... Continue Reading →

Drawing Guides

Hello Friend, Over the course of the last months I've been pulling together beauty in my studio creating drawing guides! What a joy to pour my knowledge and love into these guides. You can find access to them over at my Online Home. Wondering what other goodness is happening in my studio? Come and be friends... Continue Reading →

Finding Joy in Ink

Hello Friend, The last couple months of creative time have come in a different form. My creative time has me curled up on the couch, a computer on my lap and a sketchbook with TONS of notes sitting next to me. My computer screen dazzles my eyes with joy as I watch lesson plans coming to life. The lessons are beautiful. Inspiring. The beginnings... Continue Reading →

Joy of Art

There is such joy to share the love of art with others. I'm excited to dive into these two upcoming classes this week. Butterflies & Bugs For Youngsters   Inking Basics For Matures  

New Website

Hello Friend! I'm now located over at a new website. It's so pretty. You will find me here. Would love for you to come over and browse. You can also join me on my beautiful artistic journey here. With love, Bretta Butterfly

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