Hello Prints!

For the first time, I’m offering fine art prints!

It took me a while to get to this place to offer prints. Honestly, it scared me. I wasn’t sure if others would respond even though the audience was asking for them. I also wasn’t sure how they would really turn out. And my goodness, they look so incredible! While nothing can ever truly replace an original, prints can come up pretty close. So in this crazy year of 2020, I felt the nudge that it was time to offer prints for the very first time.

Here are the first four of my most loved Fungi Forest Series that has come to life as prints.

The Fungi Forest series captures the delight in finding the beautiful world of fungi growing amongst us. Each piece has been inspired by adventures, time in nature, and memories of childhood finding hidden bugs in artwork. Can you find all the caterpillars hidden in each of the pieces?

“In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.” –JOHN MUIR

I’m so excited to offer these first prints. There is something so delightful to know that more than one person can enjoy these bits of beauty in their homes. The most important reminder I think that we take time to have fun tapping into our curiosity and be on the lookout for the amazing world growing on the forest floor.

I hope you are encouraged to remember to get out in nature to discover the amazing bits growing all around.


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    1. Thank you! Very true the work that goes into selling any type of art, but that is part of anything we do… work. Our mindset is what makes things feel like hard work or fun work. 🙂 Appreciate your thoughts on my website. Have a beautiful day! ❤

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