Sketching for Growth

The more you sketch, the more you see.
The more you see, the more you will grow.

What does one need to sketch? 
Pencil + Paper (or pen)

My favorite pencil to use is a standard #2 HB pencil.
Not sure what type of paper to use, printer paper works excellent. 
You don’t need to get fancy, anything is fair game to use when it comes to sketching.
A lot of junk mail comes with an envelope that could use some brightening up.

What should one sketch?
Anything. Everything.

Look around you. Your home is full of things just waiting to be sketched.
The phone you may be holding.
The computer you may be looking at.
The favorite cup you use everyday.
The pencil at your desk.
The pet that makes you smile.
The possibilities in your own home are endless.

How does one sketch?
Hold the pencil as if you are going to write.
Now just start making marks.
 It will feel as if you are taking your pencil for a walk. 
The pencil curves as you will it.

If you haven’t sketched since childhood, it may feel a little awkward getting started. 
If you take your pencil for a daily walk you will begin to ease into the delight of sketching.

Most importantly have fun. 
The more you sketch the easier sketching becomes.
The more you sketch the more creativity will come out to play.

Would you like to grow your skills?
One of the best ways to grow your skills is through sketching. It’s not always easy to sit down and sketch, but sketching sessions do not need to be long. They can be as long or as short as you would like them to be. Sketching only one minute a day will STILL help you grow.

I’ve created an inspiring lesson all about sketching with a whole month’s worth of exercises. Be ready to challenge yourself. Put in the effort for growth starting today.


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