Tiny Originals

I’m so excited about the first ornament collection that I’ve created. These ornaments have been inspired by my Fungi Forest Series as well as inspired by discovering + connecting with nature. I’ve been so thankful for times in nature especially this year. A place that brings me such refreshment and peace. A place to go to be lost in so much beauty and goodness.

r e m i n d e r s o f a d v e n t u r e s
Each ornament features a tiny original that is hand drawn using ink.

t r e a s u r e s t o k e e p
Each ornament comes in its own neatly wrapped box for safe keeping.

Dear fellow fungi + fern lovers, I’m so excited to be offering you something you can cherish and hang on your tree for the upcoming years. Something that will spur a memory of all the adventures out in nature. The memories of foraging. The memories of discovery. The memories of connecting with dear ones while spending time together. Or maybe they will not spur a memory but bring you delight because they are something you like and admire.

These tiny originals are treasures to keep for yourself or treasures to give to your people.

Be inspired by nature.
Inspire others to be in nature.


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